Upcoming Events & Projects

“What happens or takes space can be both a reflection and an expression. It can be both seen and felt.MWZ

We create things in our imagination and materialise them through the available instruments of cognition and action. However it is through experience that we truly identify, synthesise and feel the lived meaning of things.

The centre of emotions are closely connected to our memories and our sensory pathways. The conversation between them is crucial to give meaning to our life and felt experiences.

Our events and projects are designed and developed to nurture your inherent nature.

Virtual Tours

where offering virtual reality (VR) or 360-degree online tours of art installations, making it accessible to a global audience.

Physical Exhibits

To organize and host physical exhibitions that combine art and science, featuring interactive elements based on neuroscience.

Creative Workshops

Conduct workshops that teach participants how to merge art with scientific concepts, focusing on techniques and theories from neuroscience and psychology.

Corporate Seminars

Provide seminars for companies on the benefits of art in the workplace, including stress reduction and creativity enhancement.