Art meets Future

“Future has two hands: uncertainty and possibility. Be it right or left-handed.MWZ

The future cradles uncertainty and possibility in its delicate hands, akin to an egg that requires protection with pragmatic compassion and care to ensure optimal growth; otherwise, it risks cracking and ultimately breaking.

As humans, we have progressed too far to continue using our abilities solely to create tools of war, death, and destruction. The desire for dominance and the pursuit of greed gradually transform us into lifeless consumers with more voids than we can fill.

The future is never entirely unknown; it is ever-present in our actions, a cumulative probabilistic force that defines itself over time. The future of art, science, and architecture can be ignited by the creative spirit.

Through connection and meaningful acceptance of ourselves, others, and the world, we can steer away from a dystopian future. Care and creativity can guide scientific discovery and shape a brighter future.

Future of Art & Design

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